SSbump Generator 5.3 (GUI w/ CUDA and Normal Map Generator)

    This is the GUI version of my program. It will do everything the command prompt version will, and has an easy to use interface. It allows the creation of a list of files and folders (with individually modifiable settings) to use to generate ssbump maps, and allows the saving and loading of these lists. Below is a screen shot of the program. However, if you only want to generate normal maps I have created another tool focused only on generating normal maps. It can be found here.

Note: This program requires that you have at least version 2.0 of the .NET framework installed, and at least the Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Runtime. Also if you have an NVIDIA graphics card make sure that you have the latest graphics drivers.

Note: This program has been tested on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 64-bit and 32-bit.



Source Code

The source code can be obtained from the SVN service provided by SourceForge.Net, more information can be obtained by following this Link

To work on SSbump Generator 5.3 (Windows) check out the following folders:
  • BilateralFilter/
  • BlendTest/ 
  • CUDA/ 
  • CUDA Extension/
  • GPU_DLL/ 
  • Height2DriectionalAO/
  • Height2Specular/
  • Normal2DuDv/ 
  • Normal2RelaxedConeMap/ 
  • Normal2SSbump/ 
  • Normal2Specular/ 
  • PreviewWindow/
  • SSBump_Dll/ 
  • SSBump_Generator_5_0/  
  • SSbump2Normal/
  • SSbumpGenerator/ 
  • SSbump_Generator_4_2/
To work on SSbump Generator (Qt) 1.0 (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX) check out the following folder:
  • SSbump_Generator_qt/
  • Download Qt (The free version)
  • If using Windows, Download Pthreads-win32 library. (For OpenMP Support)
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