Normal Map Generator

 This is the normal map generation window (Click the image for a larger picture) it is used to save normal maps or generate normal maps to create ssbump maps. I have created a separate program called The Normal Map Generator it is focused only on generating normal maps and includes all the features found in this normal map generator plus additional features. It can be found here.

    The Options

Normal Map Intensity

   This will change the 'bumpiness' of the blended normal map. Increasing it to above 1.0 will make the normal map more 'bumpy', below 1.0 will make it less 'bumpy', and any number below 0.0 will invert the height map.

Layer Name

This serves no real purpose. It allows you to name your layers for future reference.

Image File

    This is the currently loaded Height map. This does not need to be the same for all layers, however all loaded height maps must be the same size.

Blend Mode

    This controls how the different normal map layers are blended together. There are three options: normal ( one normal map fades into another ), Overlay ( This is a bit more complicated, but it generates 'bumpier' normal maps ), Modulate (This is similar to multiplying two height maps together), and Additive (This is similar to adding two height maps together). TIP: When using the overlay mode try arranging the layers from the finest detail to the largest detail, or from the largest detail to the finest detail. The resulting image will appear different.


         This is linked to the blend mode options. This controls how strong the blend effect is.

Settings > Auto-Update Preview

    This will cause the preview window to update every time you change a setting (besides the blend option setting ) NOTE: This is very SLOW.

Invert Height Map

    This will cause the height of the normal map to flip. (ie. It will cause the 'low' parts of the height map to be come 'high' and the 'high' parts of the height map to become 'low' )

Height Scale

This will change the intensity of the normal map.

 Gaussian Blur

This will blur the height map causing the resulting normal map to appear more 'smooth'.

Enhance Depth

   This will cause the lower parts of you image to become 'deeper' and the higher parts to increase in height. (Note: has a similar effect to height scale)

Bilateral Filter

    This performs a bilateral filter on the image. (This smooths out the image without destroying sharp edges)

Enhance Edges

   This attempts to increase the intensity of the edges in your normal map. 
    Edge Detection
        This changes the sensitivity of the edge detection.
        This changes the intensity of the effect.

The Buttons

    From left to right the buttons are: Add New Layer, Remove Layer, Preview Selected Layers, Preview All Layers, Move Selected Layer Up, and Move Selected Layer Down.

Add New Layer

    This adds a new normal map layer to the image. By default it will have the same height map as the last layer, but this can be changed. As a result it is possible to blend normal maps from several different height maps together. The sample image at the top of this page is the result of blending a brick height map with a crack height map.

Remove Layer

This will delete the selected layer.

Preview Selected Layers

    This will generate a preview that consists of only the layers you have selected blended together. This is useful for previewing an image before deleting a layer.

Preview All Layers

This will generate a preview with all layers blended together.

Move Selected Layer Up

    This moves the selected layer up in the blend list. (This can affect how the resulting image looks, especially with the Overlay blend mode )

Move Selected Layer Down

    This moves the selected layer down in the blend list. (This can affect how the resulting image looks, especially with the Overlay blend mode )

Save Height Map

    This will save the height map that results from blending together all of the normal map layers.

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